Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh look, a slanket!

I'm all for the strange, the quirky and the innovative. Every now and again, we get presented with some spontaneous creation that raises our eyebrows, sends us speeding off to the nearest mall or tearing half of the house down to get to a computer and order that object in question. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we may have found the greatest invention ever brought to the brink of mankind: the slanket. Yes, a blanket with sleeves.

Have you ever found yourself in the endless struggle for the blanket? Or wanting to run around the house covered in soft, downy goodness? Or just snuggling up in your favorite, five-year-old coverlet only to find out that it's been stained with last night's spaghetti? Imagine the trauma.

Enter the slanket. American hotel group [heroes] Thompson Hotels have come up with this groundbreaking concept that can now let you kick back on your couch and lounge about in total, lethargic comfort. Eat dinner while wrapped in the soft embrace of your slanket. Never have to deal with the irritation of your commonplace blanket sliding off your shoulders when you roll around. The possibilities are simply endless.

You know its name, you know what it looks like, you know what you have to do.

Get it. 



  1. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh i want this .. i want everything .. get me a slanket along with one of those special order 7alal shoes .. i COMMAND u !!!!!!!!! ur not coming into my house without one, unless ur willing to do my hw for me all of next semester (A)

  2. Bal3aa :P

    get me one i want ..!!!!!

    salnket, tv, popcorn = perfect night lol :P

    waiting for more posts ..:D

  3. I LIKEEEEEEEEEE HOW MUCHHHH!! hehehe lol seriously i love! do u come in it though cuz that would be perfect for moi [stands in her corner waiting for an answer...]

  4. Its called a snuggie my cupcake. I have a cult dedicated to me wearing one. And I want one oh so much :(

  5. after wearing dishdashas for centuries it takes americans a few movies of arab people they create this!!!

  6. OH MY EFFIN GOD! I WANT ONE NOW! Considering my birthday just passed n all...SEND ME ONE ASAP! i think it's smthin we can both live in! it reminds me of wen i ran out the house in sox n ur hoody n u in a blanket to steal internet at 1 am at a certain places house (n by house i mean driveway)loL!

  7. Guys .. you can buy it for Marklow.com.. its All-in-one Kuwaiti Online Store .. they deliver it in the same day !!