Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cherry pop

[Does it even apply when you use that term on yourself?]

February 12, 2009: enter a new blog.

Lately, I've noticed that a lot of Kuwaiti people have been creating their own blogs. From talking about fashion and food to travelling and cars - we're seeing a lot of emphasis on the superficial and the material. Does the creation of this blog symbolize my assimilation into the Kuwaiti masses and my imaginary need to fit in?


This blog will primarily be a creative outlet relating to my life, experiences, encounters and thoughts as a not-your-typical Kuwaiti in Kuwait. Music. Politics. University. Art. Architecture. Spontaneity. Road rage. The Avenues. Word of mouth. That rancid sandstorm outside.

Will there be more? You betcha.

And now, we begin...


  1. welcome to the blogosphere :D
    im going to comment on every post but im not a stalker (A) .. cross my heart ;p

  2. Bal3aa :P

    looking 4wrd for ur next post .. i will be in touch always .!! bbye
    post as soon as possible.

  3. I'm a stalker.
    And I'd like to pop YOUR cherry ;)

  4. LOVE IT!! Keep going!!! i can't wait to read more posts babe! ;*** U R MY CHERRY ;** [in my head ur my cherry pop but then people will think pervertive e7m e7m like we aren't shhhhhh]

    love u!! u r awesome! u r one in a million seriously in the arab world not just kuwait! GOD HELP US HERE!

    ur posts will keep me alive in this country and somewhat sane!