Saturday, May 23, 2009

Swine flu: it's here

Yeah. The title says it all.

Details: not one, three or five, but EIGHTEEN soldiers on U.S. bases have tested positive for the swine flu virus. As of today [May 23, 2009], 12022 confirmed cases of swine flu in humans in over thirty countries have been recorded, with 86 deaths attributed to the disease.

So far, it is believed that the virus is contained within the bases and has not spread to the civilian populace.

Yeesh. In times like these, I'm sure we're all hoping that nothing major happens. Not that we need any more problems here or anything.

For the full article, visit the following link:


  1. well this is not good!

    ..but I also heard they already had vaccines for this virus here in Kuwait and it could be treated easily. :)

  2. I dont want to die :(
    i hate this post it freaked me out !!
    enshallah the vaccination helps :'(

    next post i want better news:D

  3. What's wrong with you people? Tamiflu is only used to treat the common flu. So far, there is no vaccination available for this deadly virus. Read the news :)

  4. yes it is very very bad thing and every day the government say no we are cleare but who is belive what government say