Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MOBA: The Museum of BAD Art

With a slogan of "art too bad to be ignored", you just can't help but to be intrigued.

The Museum of Bad Art [MOBA] is, you guessed it, a gallery that showcases art that no one else would display or bother appreciating. With two branches in Dedham and Somerville, Massachusetts [outside of Boston], MOBA has a collection of over 500 artworks ranging from the delightfully mundane to the appallingly ghastly.

It started back in 1994, when an antiques dealer found a painting in the trash and showed it to some friends. He soon started featuring rejected art at a friend's home, which soon gained tremendous popularity and eventually led to the art needing to be displayed in a larger space for people around the world to gawk, point and laugh at.

The next time you're in the Boston area, you can join in the fun.

For more info, visit MOBA's official site:


  1. i5laaiid =D
    its me again,
    i believe such museums are made for people like me,i enjoy art but im real bad at it=P

  2. Bal3aa :P

    lol never knew this exists :P

    your blog makes me feel like an idiot that does not know about anything going on earth..!!

    keep posting:)